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There’s no doubt that the breaking news of the moment is the breakup of Miley and Liam. Depending on who you are, you either were expecting this or your faith in romance is over. After all the ups and downs they had gone through, they reunited and some were rooting for them to make it. Now that it’s seemingly over, there are different theories, opinions, and “sources” going around as to what could have happened and who’s the bad guy in this situation: theories as to whether he was tired of her ways, was he cheating, was he on drugs, was she on drugs, were their lifestyles tearing them apart, did her busy schedule get in the way, was he controlling, and did their differing opinions on whether to have kids break them apart.

I figured this would be a great time to add to the conversation, using the astrological approach. To me, astrology goes beyond what the future holds in the next day to year.

I have been a fan of it for years, and think of it as the puzzle pieces behind people and their actions. I also have an interest in celebrity news. I gotta admit it’s my guilty pleasure. Over time, I haven’t been able to help but wonder what is the story behind some celebrity news, why do celebrities do what they do? They are people at the end of the day, and I find it interesting to see how the astrological chart of a celebrity could hold the secrets to who they are and their actions. Astrology can be a tool that allows us to accept people for who they are and what their distinct journeys are supposed to be.

My area of interest is not composite charts — which is what astrologers use to analyze compatibility — but I did spend some time looking at the individual charts of Miley and Liam. And based on this, I will break down clues as to why perhaps they didn’t work out, if they are compatible and whether they are meant to get back together — in Miley vs. Liam comparison style (because why not).


Right off the bat their elements are tricky. Liam’s strongest element is Earth for sure. Earth-like qualities include practicality, dependability, conservativeness, sensuality. The major parts of his chart are balanced out with a Fire moon and Air North Node. But there’s no known strong presence of Water.

On the other hand, Miley has a strong Water presence. Water qualities include being emotional, sensitive, moodiness, intuitiveness — qualities that as far as I know Liam’s chart lacks. Miley for the most part has a mix and confusion of elements (strong presence of water and fire and some of earth and air).

Head to head though, most of the major points of their charts clash:

  • Miley’s sun (outer personality) scorches Liam’s
  • Her moon (emotions) dampens his
  • But their North Nodes actually mesh — they ignite each other

Basically, fire and earth AND water and fire don’t mix well, but fire and air do.

Miley’s personality characteristics

Miley’s chart shows tendencies of a strong and perhaps eccentric and overwhelming personality:

  • Her Sun in Sagittarius makes her restless, extravagant, extroverted, blunt to the possible point of mistakenly hurting others, and hard to tame
  • Mars in her 3rd house makes her come on too strong, impatient, critical of others, restless and argumentative
  • Jupiter in her 5th house gives her a love of grandeur
  • Her aspect of Jupiter square Venus causes challenges in her attaining moderation and keeping hypocrisy at bay; this aspect can also make her vain, conceited and overly emotional
  • Her Venus conjunct Neptune makes her temperamental
  • Her Uranus conjunct Neptune makes her kind and eccentric
  • Her Sun inconjunct Mars leads her to act arrogant when she is unsure of her capability
  • Her Mars sextile Ascendant makes her strong-willed and assertive

She has a loud exterior but moody, sensitive center:

  • Thanks to her Moon in Scorpio giving her intense emotions; bouts of jealousy, grudges and revenge; the need to dominate; and possible sexual promiscuity
  • Her Sun inconjunct Mars gives a tendency for anger and resentment

She’s determined, hard-working and a creative force:

  • Her Moon trine Mars makes her an ambitious worker with intense emotions that could be applied for creativity
  • Her Venus conjunct Neptune makes her poetic and gives her a love of music
  • Her Uranus conjunct Neptune gives her artistic talent and the will to fight for the freedom of others
  • Her Venus conjunct Uranus gives her the ability to do original work, be self-willed and refuse to be taken for granted
  • Her Chiron in Leo gives her that chip on her shoulder of feeling that others don’t see how unique and special she is, which leads to her trying too hard to get recognition

Being an oxymoron is part of her nature — changing while also proving who she really is.

  • Miley has a stellium with Uranus in it (more on stelliums later). People with this crave change for the sake of change, and periodically reinvent themselves.
  • A stellium with Uranus in it also creates in her a need to fight for a right to be who she is

Liam’s personality characteristics

Based on the ingredients of his chart, Liam’s overall demeanor is reserved, conservative, hard-working (believe it or not people), perhaps somber, maybe severe and fiery, perhaps arrogant, possibility of escapism, a dash of kindness. Basically, the introverted version of Miley with a sprinkle of traditionalism.

What makes him reserved/conservative?

  • Liam’s Sun in Capricorn makes him have a somber and reserved outer demeanor (while loyal on the inside to those he trusts)
  • His Mercury in Capricorn gives him a traditional tendency
  • His Saturn in Capricorn may make him appear cold
  • His Neptune conjunct Sun makes it difficult to express himself with confidence

What makes him somber yet also temperamental?

  • Liam’s Sun in Capricorn can make him wallow in self pity, and somber
  • His Moon in Leo gives him a fiery temperament, makes him self-centered and possibly pompous, overbearing and arrogant and makes it challenging for him to compromise
  • His Saturn in Capricorn gives him a tendency to lack sensitivity and can make him selfish or overbearing
  • His Pluto in Scorpio, Moon trine Mars and Neptune conjunct Mercury give him intense emotions and can make him very sensitive

But also possibly nice?

  • Liam’s Uranus conjunct Neptune makes him kind and eccentric with good intentions
  • His Moon inconjunct Neptune makes him sympathetic, and his Moon in Leo makes him fun and romantic

What makes him determined and hard-working?

  • His Sun in Capricorn makes him ambitious, his Moon in Leo gives him the need to be admired and applauded, and Mercury in Capricorn makes him hard-working
  • His Saturn in Capricorn makes him ambitious for power and prestige, with the persistence and willingness to work hard to go along with it



One thing Liam and Miley have in common is that they each have 2 stelliums in their charts. Stelliums can be a rare occurrence in a chart; it’s even more rare to have 2 in a chart. Stelliums could literally take their own set of articles but in short they are a cluster of three or more planets that are very close (conjunct) to each other in a chart — they could be in a single sign or house.

A lot of people with stelliums feel a sense of alienation, and feel that they have a special mission to accomplish in life. So Miley and Liam could have perhaps been drawn to that in each other. Their Chirons that make them feel unaccepted or unloved could have also drawn them together (more on Chirons later).

Both Miley and Liam have Uranus and Neptune in their stelliums, and are part of a generation in which people with Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions were born during the years of 1988–1997. People born during those years and with the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions feel the effects put on society deeply. People with Uranus in their stelliums forge their own paths and can be out of the box. Those with Neptune in their stelliums are creative, spiritual and have a desire to help others who are suffering. Downsides are that may have addictive personalities, dwell in fantasy and could play the victim.

However, there are some differences in their stelliums.

Miley’s stellium is in her 6th house which means she could have a tendency to be a workaholic as work could be an important need in her life.

One of her stelliums is in Scorpio, which tends to be a possessive sign. People with this can be possessive and never want to let go of whoever they are with and have a deep fear of abandonment. Having Pluto in her stellium can make her hold onto resentment, and also influences her fear of abandonment which could lead into entering codependent relationships where the other person needs them so much they have a hard time leaving. They have the potential to manipulate to keep the relationship going. On the flipside, having Pluto in the stellium gives her the ability to look beneath the surface and be a healer for others.

One of the main things that’s different in Liam’s stelliums is that he has Saturn in one of them. Saturn in a stellium can cause the person to have a strong drive to succeed. Cons are they tend to be pessimistic, lack confidence in trying new things, prone to anxiety/depression especially after a setback, have a hard time letting go of what no longer serves them, and resistant to change.

Miley’s chart signature is Cancer which goes along with Liam’s of Capricorn.

Miley’s chart shows a propensity for social reform and humanitarianism: Midheaven in Aquarius, Moon in her 6th house, Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Capricorn, and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in 9th house. This has shown to be the case with her starting the Happy Hippie Foundation, her deep emotion to politics and societal happenings, and her saying once “if you think I’m a rebel without a cause, you aren’t paying enough attention.” There are some who may question whether Miley’s interest in social causes is surface level or not, but according to her astro chart, it is rooted in her being and very real.

Liam has Uranus in Capricorn just like Miley which gives an interest in creating a better future for humanity. His Uranus conjunct Neptune also gives him a sense of social justice.

Liam has Saturn in Capricorn which gives him an ambition for power and prestige and could also lead to him to be scheming in how he accomplishes his goals. Based on this, it could be possible that being with Miley worked to his advantage of having success and status. It could have also played well for Miley, not only because of her need for relationship and potential possessiveness but also due to her Venus in Capricorn, which could make her calculating in her approach to partnerships and marriage.



Based on her chart, Miley probably wants and is made for marriage but she has challenges when it comes to compromise and empathy. Miley has her Sun in the 7th house which notes that marriage is important to her; however, it is important that she learns that her significant other’s wishes are as important as hers. Her Jupiter in Libra signifies the need for a partner. Her Moon in Scorpio poses a challenge as it signifies odds of a disharmonious marriage, jealousy and possessiveness. Her fear of rejection caused by her Venus in Capricorn makes it difficult for her to show her true feelings for another, but once she is able to she is loyal and dedicated. Her Mars in Cancer presents another challenge. It makes her moody and argumentative which could lead to disharmonious relationships. Her Venus conjunct Uranus could make her end romances suddenly and confuse friendship and love.

Her Sun and Moon opposite her Ascendant show that dealing with difficulties in marriage is hard to avoid, and also show that the key to getting past this challenge is understanding her own personality, and willingness to understand her significant other’s needs and emotional difficulties. And as explained before, work tends to get the front seat in her life’s priorities.

Her North Node (in her 7th house) shows that her soul mission is to actually learn how to relate in and create a successful relationship. However, soul missions of the North Node are usually the hardest for people to accomplish. Miley is good at getting someone to love her but probably not as good at sustaining that and learning how to love that person.

Liam, like Miley, has this natural ability to lure someone in. And he also shares Miley’s lack of being able to compromise (Moon in Leo). What I found surprising is that there are parts of his chart that show a capability of straying in a relationship. With his Moon in Leo, he will seek appreciation/satisfaction elsewhere if he is not getting it. His Venus in Aquarius does not bode well for monogamous, traditional relationships. It could make him prefer liking many to loving one, and shy away from anyone who wants to tie him down. Aquarius is definitely one of if not the most experimental of the zodiac. Having that sign connected to the planet of love could make for some interesting approaches in that department. And then on top of that, Liam’s Venus was retrograde when he was born, which could cause him to have a hard time showing love and affection. Mercury was also retrograde when he was born which could also make it difficult for him to express his feelings and make him more likely to retreat into silence.


Was Miley fooled by Liam, saw who he really was and realized it was time to leave the relationship? Was Liam made to think Miley could be domesticated and then bailed once the (real?), rebellious Miley came out again. Or did they fool each other?

Their astro charts could hold some clues to this:

Miley’s chart shows the tendency of being a chameleon, ever changing — which could lead to someone (even a significant other) seeing her identity change over time. But she also has the capability of being fooled herself as the Neptune in her stellium makes it easy for her to fool herself about the motives of someone she cares for. Her Venus conjunct Neptune causes her to not see others very clearly which could cause her to experience disappointments in relationships. Her chart also shows tendencies of putting her needs aside for a relationship (as evidenced by her Chiron in her 4th house and Venus in her stellium). Interestingly, the Venus in her Stellium could lead her to seek love inappropriately within a group if her need for love is not being satisfied in a relationship.

Liam’s Moon inconjunct Neptune makes it hard for him to see people as they really are; it could also give him the tendency to drift away and be unreliable.

Ironically, both of them are able to be to be perceptive. Miley’s scorpio influences makes her perceptive to others. Liam’s Moon in Leo gives him the ability to make quick, accurate evaluations of other people and their motives. But I guess despite that they are still able to be fooled by those they care about. I think in the case of Miley and Liam there was no 1 “bad guy” who was the one fooling the other. I think they both had rose-colored glasses and were fooling themselves. The only added element is that Miley’s ability to change and neglect her own needs to fit the needs of a relationship may have caused her to be pulling extra weight to mold herself into a version of herself she felt she needed to be to make this relationship work. The sustainability of that however had an expiration date.


At first I was going to call this section “Are They Ever Going to Get Back Together”, but since I first started writing this, the divorce announcement came out… the answer is strongly veering towards no.

But a part of me wonders if they did have the potential to work things out. And what should be next for them in their own individual soul development, whether they cross paths again or not.

There are parts of an astro chart that signify what lessons or situations a person can or would need to encounter in order for them to evolve: Earth placement, North Node, and Chiron.

The placement of Earth is not used commonly in astrological interpretations. Earth signifies one’s mission in life, and is in the sign opposite of one’s sun sign. Miley’s Earth is in Gemini, which signifies that course correcting is okay, especially in getting to a desired goal. The ending of her marriage to Liam could sure be seen as a course correction, with it ending in just under a year. While many could see this as being too quick of a move, perhaps for Miley it was for the best. Better to pivot when you know things aren’t working and course correct.

The North Node represents our soul mission, the lessons and experiences our soul should have in order to evolve. North Node lessons tend to be hard for a person to grasp because they may seem so opposite from one’s comfort zone. Miley’s North Node is in Sagittarius which is all about finding your own truth — kind of ironic considering that Miley is a chameleon. The house in which the North Node is placed in represents the area of life where you need to learn this North Node soul lesson (in the case of Miley to discover her own truth). Miley’s North Node is in her 7th house which represents relationships.

Having a north node in the house of relationships creates an innate need to be in a relationship and creating a successful relationship would be a huge part of that person’s soul mission. However, because north node lessons are frequently hard to learn, this placement of the north node will make it difficult for this person to be in a relationship. People with this type of North Node tend to feel uneasy in a relationship, putting their own happiness first instead of flourishing together with their partner, and treating partners unfairly.

Individual evolution will continue after the person has learned to master creating and being in a successful relationship.

Because of her need to be in a relationship but also her need to find her own self-truth while in a relationship, Miley would be best suited with someone who encourages her to expand and take risks. That might also encourage her to be more willing to grow with her partner and give the dedication a long-lasting relationship needs. Warning signs of a red-flag relationship is if being in it causes her to change herself, be inconsistent or create an identity to be in the relationship.

A person more suited to Miley would be someone who has Scorpio characteristics and has interests related to the 6th house (e.g., work, health, fashion, food). Interestingly enough, Miley’s new love interest — Kaitlynn Carter is a lifestyle blogger and involved in fashion.

Chiron is an asteroid in our charts that represents our deepest wound but also in what areas we could heal others. Miley’s Chiron is in her 4th house and in Leo which gives her a sense of not fitting in and having to change or stifle herself to belong, and the need to be true to herself and express herself creatively.

Miley moving on from her marriage could be her embracing her north node and chiron and giving herself the freedom to be true to herself. However, her need for a relationship and her remaining lesson to create/be in a successful one remains. Her sense of self could also develop through service to others — as shown by Aries (the sign of self) being ruled by the 12th house.

Liam’s Earth is in Cancer, with the mission of giving love without expectation and without interrupting the flow of another person’s development.

His North Node in Aquarius is very different from his sun sign of Capricorn and strong earth elements in his chart. Aquarius is an air sign, and an experimental, possible eccentric one at that.

Based on his North Node in Aquarius, Liam’s soul lessons involve learning how to cooperate, tolerate others’ differences, become more involved with humanitarianism and social justice, and even be more experimental in relationships (e.g. open marriages, swinging, not having to live together) — with both parties in the relationship consenting of course. Because I do not have his birth time, I am not able to determine which house his North Node is in and therefore in which area of life he is supposed to realize his soul mission.

Liam’s Chiron is in Cancer which gives him the inner wound of never feeling loved or loved enough. This type of Chiron could lead someone to draw in another who feels unloved, or sabotage relationships. The alleviation for this Chiron is to stop judging others, cherish his own needs, and accept love from others.

The person meant for him is someone who will give him freedom in a relationship.

Looks like Liam could have benefited more from his relationship with Miley. Her eccentricity is actually (and surprisingly) what he needs in a relationship to evolve. Miley should be with someone who can show her that she can be herself in a relationship. Liam needs to become that person that could accept another in a relationship, even if they seem contrary and different from what he is used to.

Based on this, I think they could have worked it out. If (first), Liam would have been accepting, not drifted away, and (second) due to this Miley would have been more inspired to compromise. They both have life mission desires in social justice and helping others that could have provided areas for them to continue to develop their bond.

This is the astro story of 2 complex individuals — especially Miley. She needs a relationship, knows how to lure someone in, but once in the relationship sacrifices her own identity/needs and finds it challenging to embody the compromise and teamwork necessary to make the relationship work. Liam also has charm that can lure someone in. We all have less-desirable qualities, but Liam’s of arrogance and escapism could create trouble in relationship paradise.

My verdict is that this is a case of Team No One. Both individuals had flaws that caused the demise of the relationship. And I also think that their paths were supposed to cross so that they could learn the lessons they needed to take them into the next stages of their lives. I get the sense that Miley’s actions are more inline to the lessons her soul is supposed to learn and the barriers it is supposed to get beyond — most very much related to self-truth and freedom. I don’t sense the same for Liam at this point. But then again he is a private person so who knows what he is really coming to terms with currently.

Hope you enjoyed this first Astronatic entry. I encourage you to try to see how recent news about Miley and Liam match some of the clues expressed here. There’s so much you can analyze in one’s astro chart so your opinions may differ, especially if you are more knowledgeable in astrology.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, next article and next celebrity in the hot, “astro”, seat.

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disclaimer: This article is based on my research, and should not be taken as complete accuracy. It is for fun, speculation and possible discussion.



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